I offer Life coaching and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) covering Northampton, Milton Keynes and North Bucks, I deal with mental health issues; stress, anxiety, depression and focus on motivating clients to make the changes they need to get the life they want.

Choose change today and access the help and support you need. I offer a FREE, no obligation consultation which is so easy to arrange, all you have to do is email or phone me today.

Life coaching and CBT will positively and pro-actively address your issues and together we will find solutions and ensure you lead the life you want and deserve.

Emerging from Lockdown under COVID-19

We are emerging from the challenges lockdown brought and experiencing new difficulties as we try and re-establish our lives with social distancing measures still in place.

I am able to offer 121 sessions from my home, using my garden, weather permitting, or if not possible my office, whislt maintaining social distancing.

I also still offer a full phone or skype coaching service.

Please get in touch for your free consultation.

I also teach for:

Adult Learning   WEA Adult Learning Withing Reach

I deliver courses including: building self esteem and confidence, mindfulness through crafting, stress busting and many more.
Contact me or click the links below for more details.

Adult Learning Courses

WEA Courses

Life Coaching and CBT


Host a gathering with a difference for your friends, work colleagues for a birthday or team building, and look at what can be achieved!

Experience an introduction to Life Coaching, be able to identify any issues or concerns and leave with practical tips and handouts to how you can address these issues or simply have a more enriched life.   This is the opportunity to start talking about mental health in a supportive environment and look specifically at areas common to us all: stress; anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of confidence etc

Requires a minimum of 6 people, Host goes free. £25pp for 2hrs. Please contact me for more information.

  • Confidence Counts – Working on your self-esteem will build your confidence at work and personally.

  • Combat Stress – Stress can ruin your life.  My coaching will empower you to manage your life more effectively, so you can worry less and reduce your anxiety.

  • Career Steer – I can help you change your job, improve your career prospects or get more from your current role.

  • Work v Life balance – You work hard so it is so important to embrace strategies that will give you a fulfilling life outside of work.

  • Overcome depression – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques successfully combat any mental health concerns.

  • Money Matters – You can manage your finances and deal confidently with debt.

  • Great Relations – You will learn to communicate more effectively with colleagues and manage your personal relationships better. My coaching can give your marriage a M.O.T. (Marriage On Track). If you are single my coaching can help you find a suitable partner.

  • Health – If you want to get physically fit or lose weight coaching will help you adopt a healthier lifestyle.

  • Breaking habits – I use the simplest CBT techniques so you can swap bad habits for good ones.

Your Life Coach - Meg Wadsworth

Your Life Coach and CBT specialist Meg Wadsworth

Life Coaching and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Northampton

Check out what FREE help there
is in Northamptonshire.

Regarding Meg’s coaching: “would recommend to anyone…”

For additional support check out The Mental Health Foundation.

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