Client feedback, comments and coaching successes.

Client feedback and coaching success
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Its working!
“l feel l have really benefited from coaching and you have given me the ‘tools’ to help me along the way, l keep referring to my notes when l am feeling bit anxious or not coping as well as l could, and they put things back in perspective for me.”

Ms B
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I lost the weight, and kept it off!
“It took me until I was 35 to see that over almost a decade I had put on 4 stone! With coaching I finally understood why I ate like I did so I could stop over-eating“

Miss D
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A whole new outlook!
“I didn’t have any confidence and I was getting more and more like a hermit, when I really wanted to be like my friends, with good jobs and boyfriends. I was feeling depressed and knew I had to do something.  Meg gave me a whole new outlook, and my confidence has really improved.!”

Miss N
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Less stressed!
“Work had got so much harder over the years, staff left and weren’t replaced and I was working 10hrs a day and could feel myself burning out. Coaching helped in so many ways. I now can talk to my boss – who has actually been really supportive, I’m better organised too, so feel like I get more done! I actually have time to spend with my family. I am definitely less stressed. My wife was so pleased, I hadn’t realised how much this had all got to her too.”

Mr I
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I feel great about myself!
“I had my confidence knocked firstly after a relationship broke down and then missing out on an opportunity at work. I felt miserable. Coaching put everything in perspective and I now feel really positive about myself!”

Miss L
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I was in a real mess!
“It began when I was under threat of redundancy. I found myself questioning why I had been working so hard all these years and what had I got to show for it? I hated my life. Meg was great – in just a few sessions she made me think and see things differently. I feel really good about myself and the future.”

Mrs N
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I don’t have sleepless nights any more!
“I would ignore the problems as I just thought they had got too big to do anything about them. Coaching was such a help – the problems were easier to sort than I thought and I finally sleep at night – which is amazing!”

Miss S
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My way forward is clear.
“Thank you so much for what you’ve done. I’ve struggled thinking about my problems and now the way forward is instantly clear. I wanted you to know how much your advice has helped me – thank you.”

Ms P
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Making Progress!
I have wanted to say that the few sessions we had have, and continue to, make a difference. I anticipated that a change in mind set would be slow for me but I often refer back to the exercises we did and it’s very much an ongoing process and I am making progress – albeit slow!

Miss M
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I still hear your wise words in my head
“It’s often situations where I over think things. I will have a split second of being super hard on myself over something silly or feeling self aware about something and I will hear you say something like ” look at it from the other person perspective” or telling me to analyse why I think something and rationalise my thoughts. As a result I personally feel like I’m doing really well. I feel so much more confident and self assured and that is thanks to you.”

Miss K
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My Brain Fog has gone.
“I have found every session so useful – I am so grateful for Meg’s help.”

Mr H

My coaching will:

  • Rebuild your confidence and self esteem
  • Address any anger, frustration or other ‘pent-up’ emotions and ensure you remain in control
  • Re-build your relationships, whether at work, within your family or friendships
  • Provide you with clear direction in all aspects of your life
  • Improve your work v life balance and tackle all symptoms of stress


If you feel like your life has hit that ‘crisis’ point – simply call me today: Meg Wadsworth – 07591 655756 or email:
I cover Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes and North Bucks.

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Just a quick update for you.
“Life over the last year has brought some major changes and great achievements. Doing my dream holiday alone was the best thing for me and something I was always cherish.
One of my long term goals was to get a new job, well I achieved that and found the perfect position. After passing some work exams I was allowed to order the company car I wanted and now have a rather lovely Mercedes.
All my efforts have certainly set me free from the circumstances that I was under when I first saw you. I have learned a lot with your help. My focus is now on me. Thank you!”

Ms D
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My job made me miserable.
“I thought I couldn’t leave because I was the main earner and we needed the money to cover the mortgage etc. Meg helped me feel better about my job, and deal with my manager (who was the cause of my misery) We went through my finances which made me see what the minimum salary I needed was – which straightaway made me feel ‘less trapped’.  Just knowing I had a choice! Also we looked at training options (which my manger has actually agreed to!) so with the right training I will be able to improve my current prospects or even change my job if I still feel I need to”

Mr B