I successfully use CBT

I successfully use CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to help my clients. Although I have been coaching people all my working life; I qualified in 2005 and then started running my own business in 2009.

I have successfully:

  • Motivated people, who lack direction, to gain the confidence to achieve goals which then change their lives significantly for the better

  • Used Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques so clients can establish healthier, happier habits and make better choices.

  • Guided women returning to work on training, benefits and job opportunities and helped them build their self-esteem to successfully gain suitable employment.

  • Advised clients on personal development to improve their existing job prospects, working relationships or to change job/career entirely.

  • Worked with businesses to maximise staff potential by conducting skills audits, assessing training needs and coaching staff and managers to work more effectively together

  • Guided clients to use internet dating sites; to have the best profiles possible and attract the right potential partners; as well as helping unhappy couples get back on track, either separately or together.

  • Helped clients tackle mental health issues including stress and anxiety and re-gain control of their thoughts, emotions and feelings.

My credentials go beyond the certificates below but these give you a sample of my most recent qualifications.

Diploma in Life Coaching. I successfully use CBT.
Diploma in NLP. Your Life Coach Meg Wadsworth.
Your Life Coach Meg Wadsworth. Mindfulness Diploma. I successfully use CBT.
Your Life Coach Meg Wadsworth
IAG Certificate. Your Life Coach Meg Wadsworth.
Your Life Coach Meg Wadsworth
Your Life Coach Meg Wadsworth
Your Life Coach Meg Wadsworth

I have appeared on Helen Blaby’s radio show many times. The latest in January 2019. Here I am discussing changing careers.  This is just a sound track taken from the internet so the quality of the video is poor/irrelevant. The advice is the important part.

I post updates on Facebook like this:

“The Truth About Slim People” Ch4 was a ‘must watch’ for all those thinking about losing weight. It proved that weight management is a mindset, an ingrained part of life, not a diet that you stop and start. It also showed how sleep plays a crucial role. Coaching can help you develop the right mindset to manage your weight:

I successfully use CBT in my coaching and cover areas: Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes and North Bucks.

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